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Just DO IT

About us

The limitations of the standard therapies for many types of diseases led us to ask: How can we professionally help patients in their individual situations?


We have experienced ourselves that much more can be done if you just DO IT.


Raising the patients’ quality of life is our main goal.


We know that the combination of evidence-based therapies and proven complementary approaches are the key to success in individual disorders.

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The experience of a serious illness in our close family circle, combined with the experience that conventional medicine works strictly according to standards, had triggered a feeling of powerlessness in us. Our search for a solution has opened up a new way: VitaSangius. Tailor-made therapy concepts ensure the individual setting to measurably decrease the discomfort of patients.

You want to pursue new opportunities – we have a proven concept.


Ralf Drees

Founder, CEO


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